Wednesday, August 27, 2008

anna le fou

This morning it suddenly dawned on me that this blog is sort of an extension of my personality through which I can share my random neural firings with people in a way that doesn't a) make me seem like a total schizophrenic and b) leave others walking away scratching their heads. So far I think it's off to a good start but do take heed! for I tend to leap between ideas and inspirations like a blind frog in a poorly lit lily pond.  I always manage to make a connection (in my mind anyway) with what I've said and what I'll be saying next even when others don't....hopefully, my dear readers, you will be more like me and my post-modern, fashion-loving, free-thinking frog-brained self or at least able to keep up. Dare to dream!

Good. Great. Excellent. Now that that is out of the way... onward to the next lily pad.
This is the bit of the post where I explain my ever-growing love of french new wave cinema. In particular, Jean-Luc Godard through whom I discovered a plethora of talented and fashionable leading ladies (and a few men). I started out with À bout de souffle (aka: Breathless) like so many before and after me. But not until the amazing Pierrot le fou did I truly fall in love with the lovely, if not a bit kooky, actress Anna Karina (not to be mistaken with the literary character of a similar).Pierrot le fou posterI remember smiling through at least half of it the first time I saw it - which happened to be on a big screen...sigh. I haven't seen the film for quite some time but I had a dream about it (or at least a dream that was obviously under the influence of it) last night and thus woke up feeling very inspired by Ms. Karina and thought I'd pass it on to you. so do enjoy...
Anna Karina on DJRD
photos: flikr & nytimes

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