Monday, September 8, 2008

...lykke li...

Youth Novels Lykke Li

There has been a "little bit" of buzz  (heh) around Swedish songstress Lykke Li since even before SXSW back in March but it was really next to impossible to find that much of her material in the US. Last month saw the US release (finally) of her debut Youth Novels. Though her style may be a bit avant garde for some after a few listens I am hooked. Super catchy very relaxed - perfect for my current feeling of suspended-in-animation-ness - not summer but not quite time to break out the over-sized knitwear.

track focus: dance,dance,dance /
let it fall
/ window blues

- here are some you tube clips. the first one is not the official video but it's so adorable and I love the song. Enjoy...

dance, dance, dance

breaking it up

Little Bit

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