Wednesday, November 19, 2008


For those of you in or around Hollywoodland and/or prospective visitors to this strange place I am pleased to announce the opening of a retail mecca for those of the urban outfitters-style persuasion...

"A new retail experiment in Hollywood, CA, Space 15 Twenty creates an opportunity for Urban Outfitters to collaborate with creative brands we find inspiring and interesting.
A courtyard leads from each store to an outdoor performance space and adjoining gallery. Both of which encourage designers and artists to become part of a curated environment. Working with neighboring music, film and art establishments, both courtyard and adjoining gallery will present a rotating cast of local musicians and artists. The Urban Outfitters store will feature one-off installations by a new designer every few months. Alongside the 11,000 square foot Urban Outfitters store, Space 15 Twenty will host a selection of vendors. The revolving brands utilizing these spaces will reflect and compliment Urban Outfitters and present our customers with an overarching view of people and bran
ds which are excited to be aligned with."

Don't worry kids, I'll be checking it out and promise report back!

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