Tuesday, December 16, 2008

top songs 2008*

As 2008 nears it's close I thought I'd do at least one or two of "best of 2008" posts. Looking back there actually has been a lot of cool new music in the past 12 months but I thought I'd start with my top 10 songs of 2008...here goes:

(in no order)
ting tings - that's not my name
hot chip - ready for the floor
mgmt - time to pretend
duffy - mercy (you really couldn't escape this, it was everywhere. had to include it)
passion pit - i've got your number
lykke li - dance, dance, dance
santogold - l.e.s. artistes
florence and the machine - kiss with a fist
the idyllists - i think it's gonna rain
the submarines - you me & the bourgeoisie

*two brief disclaimers: I may or may not be way over any and all of these songs (not to say that I didn't listen to them 800 times before this happened) and therefore I feel it only right to include them. Second: I know the minute I post this I'm going to think of 10 songs I liked better and kick myself. that being said I may have to post an additional "oops, i forgot these songs" post. such is life!

So, what are your favorites of 2008???

1 comment:

The Clothes Horse said...

Fun mix. Duffy was a happy discovery this year.

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