Monday, January 12, 2009

golden globes gripes

Perhaps it's just that the Stars have forgotten how to choose suitable GG attire. Last year's ceremony being what it was - sans red carpet & photographers snapping away- could it be that celebs and the stylists who dress them are out of practice? What ever the case may be, this year's carpet left much to be desired. I do not really care about them but this year was so blah I felt especially compelled to point it out.

In a nutshell, the masses basically rehashed the dresses of the past 10 awards seasons, at times supremely boring ("safe" if you will), more often than not ill fitting and sometimes just bad bad bad (see: drew barrymore and poor sheer topped renée zellweger).

To be fair, there were a few that can be deemed acceptable. for example...

Anne Hathaway's dress was alright but honestly a little bit age inappropriate - better for a 40 something, I think.

I liked the idea of Evan Rachel Wood's Elie Saab number, but it may be a little too layered?

I think Kate Winslet's dress by YSL, though a little on the safe side, was one of the better frocks of the night. Plus she won two globes, winners always look better than losers.

And in the most shocking turn of events I actually love Eva Mendes' Dior dress (not so much the necklace). This was shocking bacause I don't usually like her, at all. But I think it works so well with her shape and skin tone.

And there you have it. So, what is your all-time favorite Golden Globes Dress? I'm not even sure what mine is, I just know it isn't any of this year's!

photos originally from JustJerad


The Clothes Horse said...

Maggie Gylenhaal was my favorite of the night. I really like Evan Rachel Wood's dress too. Both were dramatic and slightly edgy. Mostly lots of these events bore me though, they all look a little too prom for celebrities.

Tahda said...

totally agree. I was kinda bored with Maggie's dress as well. I think she looked beautiful but it just seemed like she was wrapped in a giant LV scarf circa 2006. oh well!

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