Wednesday, January 28, 2009

reckless daughter recap. 1/2009

I've been inspired by the lovely ladies @ and thus have decided to start a monthly post dedicated to what I've been up to the past four weeks. Hopefully it will help me remember what it is I am actually doing with all my time! I'm calling it the "Reckless Daughter Recap".
so here goes...

kcrw [morning becomes eclectic], kinks [something else by the kinks] little joy [self titled debut], andrew bird [nobel beast] & sarah slean's [baroness re-decorates EP]
discoveries...did you know:
Bowling can be traced back to approximately 5200 B.C.? I didn't. did you know that this year is the year of the ox? well, it is. did you know there is a giant island made of trash in the pacific ocean? uh-huh.
favorite fashion ed. of the month: another woman [W Jan 09]
for my viewing pleasure: big love (season 3) secret diary of a call girl (season 2) audrey hepburn movie marathon.
eat, drinking & be broke: cranberry kambucha / vegetarian tapas / champagne / raspberry cheesecake from alcove.
readage?: sophie's world by jostein gaarder, my magazines, my notice for jury duty (why is this allow to happen to me now of all times??)!
typical outfit this month: lots of boots, knits, black blazer with rolled sleeves, black dresses oh, and hair accessories, of course.
sleepage: N/A
highlight of the month:
hopefully my trip to NYC - which starts tomorrow!

(*me, trying to look natural and wink at the same time in the bar of our hotel in London!)

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