Wednesday, February 11, 2009

don't shoot the messenger

As you may recall, back in the fall I was lusting after this tan j. crew messenger bag. but the search goes back further than that. You see, I used to have a vintage messenger in high school that I adored and then retired for a while. Problem being, I when I left for college it vanished. Perhaps it was distraught that I left it behind - alone and forgotten in my parents attic?

I've been looking for a replacement ever since.

I keep finding the seemingly "perfect" replacement but every time the price tag is way beyond what I can justify paying for anything aside from maybe, I don't know, my rent.

Then I recently stumbled upon this photo of Ms. Kirsten Dust sporting yet another clone of the perfect tan messenger bag.

I was hoping it was APC or some brand that would be under $500. I was sorely disappointed but not surprised to discover it's by Proenza and the price tag is not easy on the eyes (at approx. $1900). so, the search continues...

1 comment:

Romeika said...

That's the perfect bag for wearing on a daily basis!

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