Friday, February 27, 2009

reckless daughter recap 2/2009

It's that time is what's been going on this month.

jenny lewis [acid tounge], david bowie [bowie at the Beeb], getz/gilberto [ 1963 (bossa nova)]

discoveries...did you know: you can toilet train a cat! who knew.
favorite fashion ed. of the month: hmm...I can't think of anything specific that I loved! how sad.
for my viewing pleasure:secret diary of a call girl (season 2) twin peaks (season 2) & dog whisperer.
eat, drinking & be broke: beans on toast from the country store that carries every thing English. (they boy could not be happier that we've moved 20 seconds away from this place)
readage: animal farm by george orwell, my stack of fashion mags, blogs galore
typical outfit this month: more dresses than usual, still with the boots, gearing up for spring.
highlight of the month: moving to laurel canyon!
aspirations for next month:
really need to work on posting more photos on my wardrobe related sites.

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