Monday, March 16, 2009

the redcoats

I know it's going to warm up here on the west coast fairly soon and I should probably stop shopping for coats but after I saw this outfit posted on Pandora I started lusting after a red military style coat! Isn't that gorgeous?
I have a red coat but her's is just that much cooler!

Ah, the grass is always greener (or I guess, in this case, red-er) on the other side!


Anonymous said...

i love that first one! i want a red coat like pete doherty's. sadly trips to the vintage stores are produced no results

elena-lu said...

oh! yes here come the red coats!
if i had the money i think coats would be high on the list of items that i must have like oh i dont know a least a couple dozen of, well and shoes and hats and purses... hmm i think i see why its good i dont have a lot of money!

Drea said...

I really love that coat! Where can I get one!? It's amazing. :)

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