Tuesday, March 10, 2009

happy birthday barbie: 50 yrs of blonde & plastic

Well, to be honest the birthday was yesterday but better late than never, I say.

In honor of Barbie turning the big 5-0 Mattel introduced the real life Malibu Dream House (by Jonathan Adler), in? well...Malibu, California! It was too good not to share...
(the above "hair chandelier" scares me though! Ick!)

(a closet full of pink peep-toe Louboutins? Um, yes please!)
(a few celebs - including Heidi Kulm above - turned out for the festivities)
Lastly, some fun barbie facts...

Three Barbies are sold somewhere every second (and sales total around $1.5 billion a year).

The best selling model ever? 1992's Totally Hair Barbie. (Which yours truly "totally" owned! haha)

In her 50 years, Barbie has tried out more than 108 different careers.

The toy has represented 50 nationalities thus far.

Due to the fact that its used somewhere around 105 million yards of fabric to outfit Barbie, Mattel is considered one of the largest apparel manufacturers in the world.

• Barbie, it seems, spends more time at the "salon," than most females do: her hair is made up of seven shades of blond, weaved together to get that token golden look.

Ninety percent of little girls in the U.S. (ages 3 to 10) own at least one Barbie.

Wow, that's a lot of Barbie trivia. I need a break!


Sam said...

Well, congratulations Barbie! And Barbie gets sold a lot!

Diana said...

I was never allowed to play with Barbies, but I can appreciate her status. She is an icon!

miss vintage love said...

I LOVE that 1st Barbie pic!

coffee maker said...

Barbie continues to be a genius toy, especially since girls like to imagine themselves grown up and Barbie helps them do that

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