Wednesday, March 4, 2009

old brown shoe

(ok, more like "old black boots" but far be it from me to say no to a Beatles themed post title)

the boots in question are my favorite black riding boots. I've loved them for about a year - I've loved them at home in the sun, loved them in rainy/freezing London, and really loved them in snowy NYC (quite possibly contributing to their somewhat speedy demise).

Just yesterday I noticed that they are really starting to look a little shabby. I'm hoping with a little polish all will be renewed but part of me thinks I should be on the hunt for their replacement sooner rather than later. There in lies the problem, how does one replace "the perfect boot"?

these appear to be the closest to the original but they don't have them in store here so I'd just have to order and hope that they'll fit and are decently made.

These are a bit more than I want to spend, really. Also, they don't zip up which might be a problem.
Lastly, I've had my eye on these Fiorentini and Baker knock-offs by Steve Madden for a while (and the real things for about 4 years now). I've tried them on, I know they fit but they didn't have them in black at the time so I opted out.a brief aside: you may be thinking - it's nearly spring and not the greatest time to be buying boots, however, take into consideration that I wear boots pretty much year round!

ah...decisions, decisions.


The Clothes Horse said...

Your boots are fantastic. Personally I like the worn look.
P.S. The Roman Polanski film "Greed" didn't really have a was mocking/criticizing perfume commercials.

Tahda said...


i love that Polanski clip. I figured it was just for laughs.

Julicious Fashionicious said...

I like this model of boots.I have one the same Costume national.

Emz said...

I really like these riding boots! They're so cute. hmm... New black boots? hehe

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