Friday, May 8, 2009

you could've told me before...

photos by lina scheynius

"Palaces and stormclouds
the rought, straggly sage, and the smoke
and the way it will all come together (in quietness, in time)

And you laws of property
you free economy
you unending afterthoughts,
you could've told me before -

Never get so attached to a poem
you forget truth that lacks lyricism;
never draw so close to the heat
that you forget that you must eat."

...joanna newsom * en gallop

have a dreamy weekend, lovelies. xdjrd


The Clothes Horse said...

Dreamy would be nice...

elle moss said...

lovely pictures! very dreamy :)

Tahda said...

I love this! hehe Ok, so from now on all comments on this post must contain the word "dreamy" ;)

it's a good word I think.

Diana said...

beautiful beautiful post! *applause*

elena-lu said...

very dreamlike! see i comply! :)

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