Wednesday, August 26, 2009

ultimate leading man part 3: Harrison Ford

This is the 3rd and last installment (for a while, anyway) of ultimate leading man. I can think of no better way to close it out...I love, love, love Harrison Ford.
ultimate leading man @ don juan's reckless daugher Admittedly, he hasn't done many (good) movies lately but he has many many great films under his belt so we forgive him.

"Indie" between takes...
harrison ford @ don juan's reckless daugher
"Han Solo"? yes, please
ultimate leading man @ don juan's reckless daugherhow can you not love ├╝ber-geek "Dr. Jones"?
harrison ford @ don juan's reckless daugherWhile best know for the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises (which I think most people have seen), I would highly recommend watching one of the following:

Blade Runner (1982): He may be covered in grease and sweat for half the movie but, trust me, in this case it works in his favor! The gritty futuristic cityscape thrown together with bits of art deco decor and 1940s fashion makes for an eerie backdrop to an equally eerie story. **Please watch the Director's cut if possible - it really is that much better. (trailer here)ultimate leading man @ don juan's reckless daugherFrantic (1988): a great film by director Roman Polanski. Harrison plays an American doctor whose wife suddenly vanishes while the couple is visiting Paris. Harrison, Polanski & Paris = an all around entertaining cinematic experience.
Regarding Henry(1991): this is one of those movies that I always catch the tail end of on channels like TNT at 1am on a Tuesday. It's been a while since I watched it in its entirety but it is definitely worth seeing. Warning: there are a few tear-jerking moments but (without giving away too much) I love his interactions with his daughter post-accident. You really fall in love with his character by the end of the film.ultimate leading man @ don juan's reckless daugherSabrina (1995) I know it can't really compete with the original and many of you will think it blasphemous that I liked this remake so much (I own both versions) but the story is so wonderful and this cast has really great chemistry - It's also fabulously 90s, in a good way. Harrison's Linus Larrabee is a little more appealing to me then Bogart's - it's easier to understand why Sabrina would be wooed by him in this case. Sydney Pollack directed it so it can be bad, right?!harrison ford @ don juan's reckless daugher
lastly...harrison ford @ don juan's reckless daugherI'm sorry but I laughed so hard when I found this picture and had to include it!


Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

I LOVE Indiana Jones...despite the implication in those films that mankind's greatest creations are from aliens and such. Oh well, still great films and he's a total man's man.

Blau von T said...

thanks!very little beats a good pun lol

FRANTIC thats the name of the film,it's actually been bugging me the last few weeks,all i could remember was the scene by the river..and for the last pic THANK YOU!

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