Friday, January 1, 2010

my (last) day (of 2009) in pictures...

Happy New Year, everyone! I decided to share my last day of 2009 as a photo an hour post.  We actually went out Wednesday night until fairly late but had planned on going to a couple of friends parties last night too.  At the last minute, however, we decided to keep the evening a smallish affair and, as uneventful as it may have been, it was a really good one...

9:30am: morning tea

10:30am: morning marlene

11:30am: charlie girl

12:30pm: clean-up

1:30pm: coffee & carrie

2:30pm: red nails

3:30pm: use red nails as an excuse not to help boy with gardening

4:30pm: armchair search continues

5:30pm: trader joe's (in their rock & roll elevator) for NYE supplies

7:00pm: getting ready (mummy dress by the incredible Vera of deep in vogue of which I will post better photos asap!!)

8:00pm: cute little restaurant at the bottom of my street decorated for the night

9:00pm: yum...dinner

10:00pm: one last trip to the canyon store for something sweet

11:00pm: movie time

12:00am: happy 2010! (clearly my photography skills dwindled as the night progressed)

1:00am: said goodnight to the blue moon

Well...there you have it. Wishing you all a 2010 filled with magic, love and (of course) fabulous style!!!


Sahakiel said...

So you saw the blue moon too! I saw it, but couldn't take a proper picture, argh!!

Happy New Year, dear!

M. said...

I love a picture an hour posts, I want to do one soon!


Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Beautiful pictures and it seems like a great day. I know that dress from deep in vogue, I'm looking forward to see how you wear it. :)

Anonymous said...

i love your blog!i'll follow it! happy new year!

Pretty Little Pictures said...

Gorgeous images - happy new year!

Lady Smaggle said...

Oh I love this post! Looks like a gorgeous day... how cute is your puppy?

Blonde Chicette said...

Isn't Keurig the most amazing invention ever?! I use mine every day for coffee, tea, lattes & hot chocolate.
Nice blog!xx

dazed said...

lovely post.

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