Wednesday, April 21, 2010

DJRD tackles your FAQs

Since starting this blog back in 2008 I have received my fair share of questions pertaining to it SO I suppose it's about time I did a FAQ section for you all!  Without further ado, I bring you...

 don juan's reckless daughter tackles your frequently asked questions...

where did your blog's name come from? 
My blog got it's name from a Joni Mitchell song, "Don Juan's Reckless Daughter". It's a song about a free-spirited girl making her way through the world (find the lyrics here.) I'm a big Joni fan; I love and I suppose can relate to the song in my own way. When it came time to pick a name for my blog it just popped right into my head - it was meant to be!

where do you live?
in LA - Laurel Canyon to be specific.  I live with "the Brit" in a little house built in the 1920s.  It's just a few blocks above the hustle and bustle of Sunset Blvd, up in the Hollywood Hills.  Laurel Canyon is full of music history and still has an artistic energy you can feel in the air.  I love it - living here has made me warm up to LA a bit more. You can read and listen to more about it here and here...
you mentioned you once lived in Seattle - where else have you lived?
I have lived in many places - especially in my teens/twenties, including...Seattle & London.

who is "the Brit"?
"the Brit" is my nickname for my boyfriend who hails from England, so it's not a stretch, you see! :)  

where is the best vintage shopping in LA?
This should (and will) get it's own post as soon as I have a moment to put that together.  I have posted about the Pasadena Rose Bowl Market before: here and here.  I highly recommend it but it's only one Sunday a month so be sure to check their site! I promise to post more about other shops & markets soon but if you are visiting LA and need suggestions please feel free to email me  I'd be more than happy to help!
what's your day job?
without going into too much detail, I currently work in the film industry. Yes, it's fun times here in Hollywood.

what kind of camera do you use? do you take your own photos?
Most often I use my Canon XSI.  Yes, for the most part I take my own pictures using a tripod and either a remote or self-timer. Occasionally, I ask "the Brit" for assistance or post photos that friends helped with but I'll always note the photographer in those cases.

is that your garden? what, do you live in the woods or something?
As mentioned above, I live in the hills and it is quite green.  Most of the reckless wardrobe photos are in fact taken in my yard.  I really need to explore a bit more and find some new photo-taking spots but I don't want to freak out my neighbors ;-)  I guess I need to to gather up some nerve and get out there!

what are your dog's names? I have two very small Chihuahuas Charlie (2) and Lola (5 1/2). Sometimes they are little mischief makers but mostly they are such fun it's hard to get mad!  We also have two cats (" the yard").
do people from your personal life know about your blog?
In general, it's not that I hide my blog from people, I just don't feel like I need to tell people who might not get the whole style blog concept.  There are a small handful of friends who know about it and many of them have their own blogs or are into fashion/style themselves. Blogging is something I enjoy immensely mostly because it helps me connect with incredible people from other places that I would otherwise not have been in contact with.  I love it and if I didn't anymore I'd stop blogging. Simple as that.

will you do a post about my: shop, product, clothing line, etc...?
If you would like to talk to me about being a sponsor or having your product mentioned on this blog please email me.  Do keep in mind that I will only accept sponsors / review products and sites that I genuinely like and feel are in tune with the concepts behind Don Juan's Reckless Daughter.  Most likely, I'm not going to do a product review for a power drill or diet pills, if you catch my drift! So please only send me requests if you have actually looked at the content of my blog! thanks!

will you link my blog, follow me, etc...
Please feel free to contact me with these kinds of questions via email or in the comments.  I update my blog links very sporadically but like I said, send me a note and I'd be happy to check out your blog!

what are your favorite blogs? 
I link many of my favorites in the sidebar but a few of the blogs that started me blogging were: the cherry blossom girl, the clothes horse, style bytes, the sartorialist, and vain & vapid.

These FAQs will also be linked in the side bar and added to on occasion. If you have any questions that remain unanswered please send them my way!  thanks for being such wonderful (and patient) readers!
 graphic myspace at
outfit details: 
dress : h&m
cardigan: vintage
scarf: madewell
gray dot tights: nordstrom 
boots: vivienne westwood pirate boots



Romeika said...

Such a cute gif at the end! I should make such a post on my blog sometime, as I've been answering the same questions over and over and over... :)

theowlsarenotwhattheyseem said...

your outfit here is so cute! i love the striped skirt with polka dot tights. and the boots are really fabulous.

also, i am in love with your dogs! so CUTE. ~joelle

Passport Smiles said...

Oh, this post is great! It's always so weird that I follow people's blogs and don't know anything about them.

So what's this project about? I defintiely wanna know more about it. Here's my email address:

P.S.--Love your new layout!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Love the gif at the end! So cool to read your answers too. Now I'm quite intrigued about your day-job, but I definitely understand the desire to keep certain details private! Maegan said...

I clicked on your blog strictly for the name ...and just so happened to get the description for it. Fabulous. I love JM as well ...and used to live in those same hills. Careful of the Canyon Country Store, lol ...I had permanent moths in my cupboards due to an old box of cookies I once bought there

Elaine said...

Your outfit is so cute! And this was such a fun Q&A!

Enter to win a vintage button-down shirt!
clothed much, a modest fashion blog

CĂ©line J. said...

OMG, your boots! :D

doraetlabora said...

very informative & cool post!
and i have to agree with everyone else, the gif is superb!
feel free to add my on your blogroll (since you so kindly offered :) !)

all the best,
dora x

Grace said...

Laurel Canyon is one of my favorite spots in Los Angeles.

Love Grace.

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