Wednesday, August 11, 2010

hello, goodbye

Things did not go my way today... you see, I had a proper post to post but apparently my computer has decided to eat it and, yes, I erased the originals from my camera! That's ok, but I will definitely be contemplating a new Macbook soon.  Meanwhile, here I am hanging out with Charlie. She is good at making me forget my troubles.

 charlie sandwich.
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outfit details
vintage dress circa 70s - american vintage
shoes - gift 
tights - dkny
cardigan - vintage


jessica/vintageportalen said...

oh, you both look so cute on the last one!

and yes, they are wery similar, the could be world wide web twins :-)
alice could need a friend!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

That gif is the cutest thing ever!

MAUD said...

aaah, your pup is too cute!

Lenne said...

I found your blog through IFB, and I'm glad I did! Love the retro vibe of the dress (:

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