Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Quarter To Nine

Ok, ok. I'm officially back and officially ready to start thinking (at least a little) about Fall. After cleaning out my uber-congested inbox I came across the AW 2010/11 lookbook from London-based label Colenimo and I think that it single-handedly changed my summer-loving mindset.

To understand why you need only read this description of the collection (called "A Quarter To Nine")
taken from their website:

 "...womenswear inspired by 1930's tap star Ruby Keeler and the work of Hollywood choreographer Busby Berkeley."

Ruby Keeler as muse! How could that not be incredible?!  And it does, indeed, live up to it's description...

It also reminds me a bit of this film and that could never be a bad thing...

Obviously, I love the vintage inspiration in these pieces (knit-leggings, trench coats, house dresses), not to mention, the model'adorable bob...must resist urge to chop my hair off...but the navy blue items were of particular interest because I'm trying to incorporate more of that classic color into my own closet.  The double-breasted cardigan is also something I wouldn't mind having when the LA air gets a little cooler! 

So, what do you think? Ready for fall yet?

more at:

musical notes...
meant to be -  squirrel nut zippers



im not ready for fall but these are greatlooks! come follow me xoxo

Every Little Counts said...

wow... i love. and, yes- i am definitely ready for fall! this summer was brutal. i'm done.

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