Sunday, October 10, 2010

write about love

I should have posted these sooner but I got distracted by other posts and things. Anyway, this is what I wore when I attended the belle & sebastian show with my dear friend, miss beth jean earlier in the week.  It's strange, I've been wearing a lot more black recently and not on purpose. Maybe it's because it is October and Halloween is looming and all. Which reminds me, have you figured out what you are going to be yet?  I have it narrowed down but it all depends on what I can find in thrift stores and vintage shops between now and then. And, hey, I can always go as this again!

outfit details:
gold bow dress - worn as top
sparkly oxfords: denna & ozzy
tapshorts: sparkle & fade
belt: kate moss for topshop (first season)

In other news, I finally got around to buying a point n' shoot camera so I can throw it in my bag when I go to places my trusty Canon SLR  is not practical. It's also a Canon; I'll report back once I've formed an opinion but it seems great so far!

belle & sebastian - write about love (new album out Tuesday!)


Lauren said...

Love the dress as a top! And of course I love your outfit photos as always... Your setting is so beautiful!

Have fun with the point n shoot, mine is a canon powershot and I love it for just always carrying it around. :)

Sparrow & Urchin

Georgia Rose said...

Yay Belle & Sebastian! I'm so glad they're still churning out amazing music. Also your outfit is gorgeous, those shorts are a dream.


theneedledrop said...

cute outfit. :-)

Misha said...

Maybe you get this a lot, maybe not, but do people tell you often you look like Kirsten Dunst? Because I think you really do :)

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