Tuesday, January 25, 2011

my day in pictures - Sundance Edition

I'm back in LA now and finally have access to my camera cord which I accidentally left at home. Before I fall into a pile on my floor due to exhaustion and dehydration I thought I would share with you what one of my days at the Sundance Film Festival looked like via my camera (and iphone)...
 11:30pm iphone died!

There you have it. now multiply by four and you might understand why I need to sleep for 3 days straight now!


Fleur said...

Dear, just loved your style and your blog! I'll add it on my inspiration list, ok?
Hope you sleep ass much ass you need!


Honor said...

That looks a busy and fun packed day, slightly jealous


Passport Smiles said...

Even with my proclivity to have the energy of an old lady, I would pounce on the opportunity to have had this experience! What an exciting life! Now, bon rétablissement!

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