Wednesday, February 23, 2011

last few hours of my New York trip

One final post here about my trip to New York so I can move on to regularly scheduled blogging! I will be posting more photos on my flickr page so if you want more Reckless Daughter in NYC, do not fret, you shall have it! Meanwhile, here is more or less what the last few hours of my trip looked like.

Waking up to the sounds of New York outside my borrowed window.
Much needed make-shift ironing board.
For me, a hat on the final day is usually a wise choice.
Brooklyn bound once more.
 a yummy brunch with Miss Hannah and her lovely Landon (who, incidentally, took this photo for me).
Back to Union Square then on to Matthew's apartment to pack.
view from the cab, JFK bound, as I bid a bittersweet adieu to New York...
my "disco plane"
music to get me through the 5+ hour flight that lie ahead of me - thanks to strong headwinds.
But I would be home to greet "the Brit" before Valentines Day was through...
The End.

I had such a wonderful time in New York.  Hugs to all of those people who helped make it a particularly special visit! xx


Sewon said...

Aw, I miss New York! You look lovely in that hat.

Carys said...

Wow, these pictures are amazing, and your hair looks so nice, I love the curls. And the disco plane, of course!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Lexi California said...

wow, it's such a dream to visit ny..


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