Tuesday, April 12, 2011

a stitch in time

While I’m am of the belief that you definitely shouldn’t judge a book solely by its cover, when the covers are as cute and clever as these Penguin THREADS Classics are it’s certainly hard to resist.

 Don't you just love these?  Artist Jillian Tamakemi ebroidered them by hand over the course of 2 months. "Three books were a lot to pull off, but I am such a sucker for classic literature and book illustration... how could I say no? The covers will be sculptural-embossed and are full wraparound images with french flaps" more here   And yes!! they will be available in the US this fall!

All this talk of books reminds me how sad I was the other day when the Brit and I wandered through a soon-to-be-closed Borders bookstore.  My question for you all is where do you buy your books (assuming you read them ;) ? Online, big book retailers or small indie bookstores? Personally, I think there is something to be said for going into a store and picking up a book that Amazon, in all it's low-priced glory, just can't hold a candle to.


Kayleigh said...

Over here in Australia it is extremely expensive to buy books so I do a lot of my buying online from Amazon because even with shipping it is about half the price. That said nothing beats going in to a second hand bookstore that has books from floor to ceiling, or a little indie bookstore with a coffee shop out back.

That Emma bookcover is absolutely amazing!

Melis said...

i used to work at an indie bookshop called book soup until it closed down. :( it was my favorite job of all time, and i got paid less than minimum wage. as a fiction writer, i sort of hate everything going electronic. save the book store!

check out my blog and etsy!

reckless daughter said...

@Kayleigh I agree, it is pretty tempting to buy from Amazon because it is usually about $5 to $15 USD cheaper. I so miss Used Bookstores! When I lived in Seattle I used to go all the time!

@Melis Thats too bad! There is a store called Booksoup in LA which I LOVE but it's really hard to find parking (it's right on Sunset blvd.) so I never go!

Jessicat said...

I lovely browsing through little boutique bookshops but when I buys books I generally get them second hand, mostly off trademe (the NZ equivalent of ebay) because good classic books rarely sell for over $5!! Bargain! but sometimes when an amazing edition comes out...you gotta snaffle it!!

Meesh said...

These are so incredibly gorgeous, and really capture the feel of the books. (The expressive style of the Black Beauty cover makes me want to cry!)

Tons of Borders closing around here, too. I usually buy my books there, but end up at Amazon when they don't have what I'm looking for, or have it, but at a price I'm not willing to pay. (Or have just one copy, but it's been beaten to all hell. I really hate that.) Frankly, I wish they'd never absorbed Waldenbooks. That was my favorite chain bookstore for many years (we don't really have indie bookstores here, so I'll take what I can get from smaller chains!)

emina said...

Love it! I usually buy from small book shops or Amazon. But tend mostly to visit the library these days :) x

MAUD said...

small bookstores, definitely!!! i work at an independent bookstore (or at least i do back in montreal - not while i'm living in scotland, alas!), and it is so hard to survive in a field dominated by internet retailers and massive chains. there is just something so unbelievably rewarding in going into a small shop with a carefully-curated selection of books to choose from. small establishments reflect the personalities and choices of their owners, so frequenting them is an experience as personal and aesthetic as it is literary, i think.

(bah i get so sentimental when i talk about books!)

reckless daughter said...

@maud I love that you get sentimental! I completely understand. I love small bookshops too. They're much more personal.

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