Thursday, June 30, 2011

iphone photo friday!

Hooray... it is a holiday weekend (in the US, that is)! For a bit of a change I thought we would take a minute and explore my life over the past couple of months, as seen by my iPhone's camera...

The Brit's newphew and Cornish pasties

                                                                                   a black cab and British Vogue...

       first signs of summer and hammocktime

the Brit's band & pups

a fluffy black cat and pretty party decorations

Christopher Walken street art and little Charlie

< my obsession with crazy Japanese photo apps
                                                       double vision...

                                  Tim Burton Exhibit

first peonies of the summer

and more hammock...

That's all for now. have a great weekend!

1 comment:

rachel c. said...

oh, man. i do love hammocks! i had one on the porch of the last house i lived in and remember it fondly.

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