Friday, June 17, 2011

smaller times...

I've been meaning to scan in some photos of me as a little lass for ages and I finally got around to it! Without further, around age 5 1/2 or 6
 loved that kitten =^,^= (he was called Figaro)
me (please note the tie-dye) & my mum ^
little genie
jumping and in acid-wash jeans to boot. very uncharacteristic of my stylish little mum to let me wear those. ha.
Showing off what is presumably my first lost tooth gap :)

a few more observations...
  • I have basically the same hair cut now
  • I really wish they made adult-sized sleepers, complete with the feets! don't you?
  • I had some awesome toys! where did they all go?!
  • my little sister was born right around this time...oh yeah...that's where the toys all went.
  • what ever happened to wall stenciling as home decor?
Hopefully, this is the slightest bit entertaining to you all!  I may have more to share down the line but I'll have to pillage them from my parents house like I did these!



Emily_RubySlippers said...

Ha, my recollection of sleepers was that they were agony when you started to grow out of them but your mother hadn't noticed yet.  Real crotch-slicers.  I guess it wouldn't happen as an adult, however!  It's always fun looking at childhood photos... you do have the same hair cut!

Jul said...

You and Figaro look so cute! :)

Kristin Gallagher said...

They DO have adult-size sleepers. They only cost about $200. If you really want one, I can dig up that link. ;)

Kristin de Leon said...

very full house!

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