Thursday, July 28, 2011

wednesday's child

It's been all outfit posts here lately so I thought I'd share a little bit of my Wednesday with you - starting in the afternoon...
with little charlie girl
the canyon coffee stand
painted daisies
To prove that I really do work! this is some of the space.
there is a little surprise in the courtyard...
a fish pond!
On my way back home.
 to meet "the Brit" and the pups (that adorable house is not ours, sadly)

Sidenote... I've been terrified about some Laurel Canyon news I heard earlier this week. Tuesday morning a man was walking his his dogs (one of them a Chihuahua) and a very brazen coyote appeared out of nowhere, ignored the man standing there and managed to grab the poor little Chihuahua!  Being a Chihuahua owner/an animal lover, this story breaks my heart and also makes me a little nervous about taking our dogs on walks or letting the cat outside.  I'm told this is pretty unusual since coyotes are normally scared off by humans - still an awful story. Ah, canyon life!
twilight in the garden.
a cat in the kitchen.
I love summertime fruits. I mean, what is happier than a bowl of cherries?
except maybe candy colored nails!
and goodnight.

Hope you are having a pleasant week!  xdjrd


K T said...

The last picture made me laugh. It's always fascinating getting a peek into someone else's everyday life.

K xx

meg, reckless daughter said...

:) I agree!

mousevox vintage said...

posts like these are some of my very favorites. seeing pretty glimpses of daily life is such a treat! the first picture made me giggle - that's the look my dog usually has on his face if he's done something naughty. :)

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