Tuesday, August 30, 2011

the shields are left to rust

Vintage shawls and kimonos have always been an obsession of mine – though, in truth, I only actually own a few.  None the less,  I remain fan of romantic layering so I've been pleasantly surprised to see these sorts of things popping up in more modern stores lately. 
Case in point, I found this kimono-esque top at (probably the worlds biggest) Forever 21 in Las Vegas and my mother was nice enough to buy it for me.  Something thin like this is perfect when summer layering proves tricky and/or sticky. It's light weight enough to breath but keeps me warm when the evenings cool off.  The other positive is that the color will definitely fit in with my wardrobe ideas for Fall - it's the perfect rusty autumn hue.

 outfit details:
top: xxi
tank & shorts: h&m
tights: cynthia rowley
shoes: vintage
puppy head: lola the chihuahua

PS: I hope all of my east coast lovelies made it through nasty old Irene and that you are sitting comfortably at home with electricity buzzing in the wires and water running in the pipes!

and speaking of water...

musical notes: what the water gave me - florence + the machine's new single...


Anahit Behrooz said...

I have definitely been craving a kimono lately - they look so elegant and beautiful! Love the shot of the sunlight shining through the material :) xxx


kitsune-kun said...

what a beautiful piece of clothing! love the shape and color!

Frannie Pantz said...

This is a great top!  Aren't moms the best?!?!?  I love kimono sleeves as well.  Is there anything more comfortable?!?!?

sparksignite said...

I'M OBSSESSED with that Florence & the Machine song! I've listened to it too many times to count, and I recently posted about it on my blog! I lovelovelove it!
That's a really cute kimono top, it'll be so versatile! :)
- Laura S

Kailey said...

Beautiful! I love those tights. I can't wait to hear Florence's new album! *__*

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