Saturday, November 12, 2011

two months of me... plus the Shabby Apple winner!

I keep forgetting to share this silly video which came from an app I downloaded on my iphone called "Everyday" after seeing it on a few blog's including Sandra's.  The concept behind it is that you take one photo a day in more or less the same position and eventually you can them make them into little digital flip-books. Anyhow, the above video show me in basically all of September & some of October!

In more important news... I have selected the winner of the Shabby Apple Mulholland dress giveaway (using and the winner is #6... Maud!! which makes me especially happy because she had such a brilliant idea of where she's going to wear it..

"i'd wear it to celebrate seeing my boyfriend again after four months apart (he is still living in the UK, sigh!). i'd wear it for hours and hours while i was traveling, looking incongruously glamorous among all the glum, weary people making their way here and there for the holidays, but i'd feel pretty as a poppy when i'd finally get to see him and we'd go out to have dinner somewhere nice and then maybe dancing and it would be just like old times, when we'd dress up for no real reason, just to celebrate each other"   

^ I adore that :D  Thanks to all of you who entered and please don't despair! I'm going to try to make this giveaway business a more regular happening here!  Have a lovely weekend x djrd

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