Sunday, November 6, 2011

velvet underground

Happy Sunday, lovelies! This is a dress I am finally getting around to posting even though I've been wearing it non-stop since I bought it in September.  It is so dreamy and perfect for Fall - which, I think I am safe in saying, has finally reached Los Angeles...hurrah! This weekend we (at last) got to pull out the duvet again and coats have reemerged from the front closet! Though, I know it's nothing like the weather the East Coast has already begun to feel the wrath of!  But, come on, it's all relative! We are babies over here and we know it.
Anyhow, this little Edwardian style mini-dress (I'm pretty certain it was once much longer) came into my world just as I had begun to drool over the first few episodes of Downton Abbey Series 2 and it really made my day! Doesn't it look like something Cora would have worn?  (wow, I'm a nerd...)
Downton aside, I have a total velvet obsession -- it's one of the best things about cooler weather if you ask me. 
 outfit details:
dress - vintage from TLO
nude tights - american apparel
shoes -  wasteland
 Oh, I very quickly wanted to give you a heads up that there will be, at long last, another giveaway this week so be sure to check back! It's a good one.

musical notes: Sunday Morning - Velvet Underground


Anahit Behrooz said...

Oh my god, that is the most exquisite dress I have ever seen. I've just finished watching the final episode of Downton's Season 2 so frankly anything Edwardian related makes me so happy! xx

meg, reckless daughter said...

eek, I still have two episode left to watch! :)

Kailey said...

This is so gorgeous, and I love that you included a Velvet Underground song!

Dial v for vintage said...

Your dress is perfect! The colour, the lace... I'd love to have a similar dress! ;-)

Giulia said...

Not only this dress is velvety gorgeousness, but it looks great on you! I'm so envious haha :)
And I also love the Velvet Underground ;)
Life is a romantic poem

meg, reckless daughter said...

@kailey thanks.  I'm glad you appreciate the song too ;)

Helen said...

Amazing song choice as always! And I love velvet dresses SO much

Corinne said...

this is absolutely fantastic! although i haven't had the courage to ever wear velvet again (i have a cute but haunting all velvet getup in one of my school pictures) it is definitely perfect for fall! love it!
xx Corinne

Kaylee Nicole said...

Cute! I really love it with that antique looking lace top underneath. And yes it does look like something she might wear if the length was to the floor! Definitely. :) 
I love that series! 

KayleexoWild Flower

Katherine said...

Your dress looks amazing!

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