Wednesday, April 4, 2012

judy blue eyes

There are certainly few downsides to wearing a romper (going to the loo, for example, is quite the event) but I can't help myself, I love them.  I wore this particular one over the weekend when "the Brit" and I went to LACMA on a whim (I didn't bring my camera but you may have seen a few iphone photos via Twitter).  Perfect outfit for that kind of a day - just milling around a museum without an agenda.  Speaking of which I've been on a bit of a roll with the art museums lately; while in New York I went to The MET and I've gone to LACMA twice in as many months.  Fine by me. While I'm not an art aficionado, by any means, I am most definitely interested in the subject.
Once again laziness resorted to milkmaid braids.  My hair is long enough now that it's fairly easy do, even half asleep as I am most mornings.  Of course, red lips always help to liven things up!
outfit notes:
playsuit - Madras APC
boots - Madewell 

musical notes:  suite: judy blue eyes - csn  

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Frannie Pantz said...

Love your milkmaid braids!  I pull those out when I am feeling lazy as well but they just work!  And I know the same romper pain as you do, but also fall victim to their ease of wear and cuteness.  This gingham one is no exception.  You look so cute!

nataluya85 said...

so cute! love the whole look!


Kaity said...

You pull the milkmaid braid off very well. I always mange to look silly when sporting them. I really love that playsuit, too! Perfect color and pattern!


Maite said...

I just discover your blog and I'm a new follower.
Love the hairstyle, I use it too sometimes...
Great style girl!

emina said...

Love the romper and the braids! Makes me miss my long hair now haha. xo

Thriveonnovelty said...

Gorgeous outfit! and I love how you've done your hair xx

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