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December 09, 2010  A Christmas Carol #11 - Meg of Don Juan's Reckless Daughter - Los Angeles, CA What's your favourite movie to watch on Christmas day?  Hard to choose but ‘A Christmas Story’ is classic or maybe ‘White Christmas’ if I'm in a musical mood. Incidentally, on Boxing Day (which we don't really celebrate in the US but I celebrate it) I traditionally watch James Bond Films and eat leftovers!
What has been your favourite Christmas? Probably when I was still an only child (up until age 6.5 when my sister was born) - only because I assume I got more presents back then?! No, fingers crossed, this year will be my new #1 Christmas!
What shall you be wearing Christmas day?  I have a vintage 1960s black velvet dress with a cream lace collar and cuffs which has been deemed my "holiday dress" this year. I haven't worn it yet! The suspense is killing me!
Best Christmas present ever received?  I think that would have to be my piano - which I got a few years back. I use it all the time.
All I want for Christmas is... I'd love a new handbag - My "go to" Marc by Marc Jacobs bag is really a ghost of its former self.

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