Tuesday, February 17, 2015

new things...

Hello dear friends,
Apologies for the drought on this poor old blog. Perhaps someday I will have enough time and energy to come back to blogging regularly but for now the occasional update is, unfortunately, all I can promise you. That said, I have some really exciting projects brewing for 2015! The first of which is the new music video for my song WAVES from my debut album Charade (which came out last year in case you are new here!  :) We shot it at the very end of last year in the snow and it is finally finished! So without further ado:

The second mater of business is this great article my pal Rebecca Darling (of Rococo Vintage) wrote for the Huffington Post about wearing vintage in which she sweetly features a few oldies but goodies from DJRD along with photos of several blogger beauties including the delightful miss Ashley Ording! Check that out here:

Until next time, thank you, you lovely people you! for continuing to keep this space alive despite the slow trickle of new posts.

Sending my love!
xMeg O

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