Friday, September 19, 2008

accept no immitation

I realize everyone is entitled to their own opinions - it would be a mighty boring world if people weren't a bit different. So, as this is my blog and all, I suppose that intitles me to an opinion...

Recently, I've been hearing this style/looks comparison of Zooey Deschanel and various other ladies in the public eye, in particular, Katy Perry. I really didn't know much about KP but I had a feeling I just wasn't going to be into her. Sure, I saw some definite similarities between the two but I was left feeling like KP was just the faux xeroxed version of Zooey with stylist in tow.

True, I have been a Zooey fan from the start(her music, style and acting)and could be biased. maybe. I was still willing to give this other girl a chance to prove that she wasn't lame. I wiki-ed her and was even going to ignore the fact that her first album was a contemporary christian record under her given name Katy Hudson - talk about a 180 from that to "I kissed a girl"?  Then I caught about 5 minutes of her on the MTV* awards; my distaste grew (*I don't normally watch MTV and in my opinion it's been pretty terrible since about 1997, but I digress...*) Willing to give it one last chance I went and listened to about 3 tracks from her The Matrix(avril/korn/britney spears) written/produced album. This was the last straw.

In my humble opinion she is an unoriginal hollywood-produced clone who has been styled by someone who took Zooey's image and ran with a candy-coted version of her look. I urge you, dear readers, to just say no!

Anyway enough Katy bashing, I'm sure she's very nice - a lot of posers & people with bad music taste are.  Let's move on to the original. 
Little Zooey is the cover star for the Oct. 08 Nylon! Yay!!:

photo from my mac via tfs

She & Him - "You really got a hold on Me"

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