Tuesday, September 16, 2008

lazying on a tuesday afternoon*

Hello lads and ladettes. I've been in a listless sort of mood the past week or so. I'm taking it as a sign that some sort of change is most definitely in order. Whether it be a move, a new job or simply a cloudy day - it's been ages since it has rained in my neck of the cosmos (I heart rain and have, in fact, spent a large part of my life seeking it out. I've lived in both Seattle and London by choice - I rest my case).
So...I figured I'd take a little break from the fashion show crazy for a bit and close a few tabs that I've been meaning to mention.
cool things I have recently come into possession of:
ltd. edition wild west sweetheart

how could I not get this? I actually have a much nicer acoustic but this one is small and so unbelievably cool looking.

monsieur bunny necklace - via etsy

crossstrap sandal-via urbanoutfitters

cool artist: nancy spoelhof

random you tube clip:DANCE UNTIL YOU CAN'T DANCE ANYMORE I don't know why I found that so funny/entertaining but...I did
cool mp3:
Morrissey covers the Jam

*Please be forewarned of the schizophrenic nature of this post. w/love, management


Vain and Vapid said...

Those things really are super cool. plus, that photo of Mia and the kitteh is so great....

Tahda said...

aw, thanks!

I love the mia picture too. She is so cute it makes me smile.

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