Thursday, October 23, 2008

flowers in her hair

I am such a gemini when it comes to my wardrobe. No, really... I can't settle on one single style (eg: edgy, vintage, nerdy, uber girlie, the list goes on) yet somehow it all ends up looking like "me" - if that makes any sense whatsoever. It's a mash-up of sorts that strangely falls into place pretty well most days/weeks. Perhaps subconsciously I actually do know what I am doing? (gasp) what a thought!

This being said I oftentimes fall in love with looks I see even if they are style-type specific and try my best to incorporate them. Take for example my recent infatuation with faux flowers as hair accessories . There is no escaping the uber girl connotation that flowers bring (which isn't necessarily a bad thing, I'm just not a fan of putting people into boxes) yet I think have managed to make the look work with my semi-bipolar style and I'm not the only one to make them work... me
marie antoinette the ever-so-lovely clothes horse
cherry blossom girl
siri tollerød (lula mag)

fabuleux, non?
here are some pretty wonderful hair flower links. enjoy...

1 comment:

Romeika said...

Oh, faux flowers, I just love them too. And I guess I've always felt the same when it comes to my personal style, which would be hard to label it.

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