Thursday, October 30, 2008

horror film fashion:: the eyes of laura mars

Ok. So, I am sure you're thinking, "um, d.j.r.d. that flick is not technically a horror film" to which I say, perhaps not according to the video store's definition but ponder this - you are strolling along the street minding your own business when suddenly your vision is replaced by someone else's - suddenly you are behind the eyes of (in the words of the great David Byrne) a psycho-killer and can do nothing but look on as innocent victims, most of whom you know, are stabbed to death (in the eyes with sharp pointy objects)!
eek...sounds pretty horror-esque, non?

So without further ado, the last installment of horror film fashion: Miss Faye Dunaway in the Eyes of Laura Mars.

Faye stars as Laura Mars, fashion forward photographer whose images often depict violent crime scenes using tres risqué styling. All is fabulous, that is until Laura begins having disturbing and murderous visions (as described above). And what's worse, she's forced to receive said visions at random which render her helpless as her closest pals are being brutally murdered. Yet she manages to look fabulous even whilst her world crumbles around her. How does she do it?
bag:cole haan - boots: brian atwood - skirt: yoox collection
shirt: sonia by sonia rykiel - cape: pringle

hat, skirt & shirt: forever 21 - coat: d.v.f. - heels: fendi


Romeika said...

I have never seen this film, such a pity! But it's never too late. And I love the collages, especially the look in the second one: the knitted top, pencil skirt, hat, fabulous trench and sandals. Wow!

Anonymous said...

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