Tuesday, October 28, 2008

icon(oclasts) stella

the few times I have actually managed to catch the Sundance TV series, Iconoclasts I have thoroughly enjoyed it. The often odd pairing of subjects can sometimes lead to awkwardness, sometimes brilliance, sometimes both. None the less, this is one television show I always find very interesting (disclaimer:: this coming from someone who's limits her tv intake quite a bit and whose tv is forever locked on either cnn or a design show of some sort).

I learned Stella McCartney had done episode opposite Artist, Ed Ruscha about a month ago and then, like clockwork, I forgot. Thus when it aired last thursday, even though I was probably sitting around doing nothing, I missed it. thank goodness for on demand, for tonight I found the episode sitting there waiting for me. hooray!

I love stella for so many reasons (even ones not having to do with her dad or the cruelty-free-ness of her products, I swear!). It was very cool to see her passion for her work and for someone else's work up close like that. I very much recommend at least watching this little clip from the episode if you are at all a fan.

UPDATE: it's available on itunes, or so I am told, for all those w/out access to Sundance Channel.

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