Monday, October 6, 2008

who's that girl - vol.1

I have been coming across photos of this lovely lady for a while now, everywhere from Sartorialist to YouTube. I adore her style & edginess and now I FINALLY know who she is...
Kate Lanphear - style director of US elle which explains a lot (though, true be told I'm not that into Elle.) Apparently, I am not the only one who noticed her; she even has her own thread over at TFS.

I love how she rocks the black/gray and only black/gray look - Its always ultra chic and fashion-forward.

I sometimes fantasize that I could say goodbye to colors and go monochrome...alas, I do like a splash of color a bit too much to commit to such a limited plate. As it is, I have copious amounts of black in my closet already - but like any self-respecting Gemini I simply cannot resign myself to one style concept. I just can't. Clearly, for Kate...not a problem.

speaking of monochrome edginess:who's that girl? - Madonna

Not exactly sure what is going on plot-wise but the styling is A+

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