Tuesday, December 23, 2008

holiday film fashion: white christmas

A classic Christmas song, a classic Christmas film. This film should really be required viewing for anyone who celebrates and/or is interested in Christmas.

forties and fifties Hollywood epitomized glamor and the fashion in this film was no exception. I love the idea of long flowing evening gowns of cinched red or black satin but these days that
seems a little impractical. But hey, designers are still making them so someone out there must be able to pull this look off.

gown & gloves: vintage (ebay)
heels: jessica simpson
hair barret & braclet: xxi

earrings: missoni
dress & clutch: net-a-porter
heels: louboutin
bangle: juicy couture

**updated: I originally forgot to post both collages! oops**


a cat of impossible colour said...

Hi! :) I just wanted to stop by and say Merry Christmas!

Andrea xxx

The Clothes Horse said...

Oh! One of my favorite films. I watch every year...usually more than once. Anything where Bing sings is good by me.

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