Wednesday, April 29, 2009

reckless daughter recap 4/2009

Tunage:metric- fantasies, camera obscura - my maudlin career, LSTN#4

Discovery: Any one of the facts from Isabella Rosaline's Green Prono series on Sundance - for example, did you know that Spiders have poor eyesight? very humorous (albeit sometimes awkward) and yet oh so educational!

Stand-out fashion ed: The Great PretenderUS Vogue may 09

For my viewing pleasure: Grey Gardens (HBO)/ It (starring Clara Bow) /artist docs on Ovation TV & Yesterdays episode of the Hills (one of the boy's songs was included on the soundtrack - otherwise that show is rubbish)

Eat, drink & be broke*: goat cheese pizzas from trader joe's, barefoot cabernet sauvignon & chocolate mochi (*but thanks to trader joe's, not as broke as usual)

Readage: mercy among children by David Adams (still, ugh...I know), french language book, old music articles (circa 1990s)

Outfits: more dresses, sandals & straw hats!

Favorite Post this Month: spring brought to life...Sakura !

Highlight(s) of the month: my mom coming to visit & the start of sun dress weather!

Aspirations: a) to FINALLY get my camera up and running again, it has been out of commission for about 3+ weeks (hence the iphone photo at the top of this post!) and this is causing serious distress! Oh and b) to potentially start job hunting...because, as Iggy Pop said, "I'm bored".


elena-lu said...

aww too bad about the camera but i hope you have it back soon
the pic is good!
and cool fun facts to know!

shimu's holiday said...

:) I like the way you talk about things.

Pan's Holiday

The Clothes Horse said...

I'm so with you on dresses and straw hats--exactly what I want for summer.

Tahda said...

ah, yes. We ladies are so easily pleased ;)

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