Friday, October 30, 2009

horror film fashion: a nightmare on elm street

Yes, I am still in denial about them doing a remake (I guess "re-working" is a better term since it's not exactly the same) of the original even though I read the script for work last year. Why must we ruin classic films this way??? but that's a topic for another  up in the horror film fashion series is Nancy from A Nightmare on Elm Street.
Lets face it kids, Nancy is a bit of a hot-1984-mess. Understandably so, because for a better part of the film she is a self-induced coffee-drinking NoDoz-popping insomniac trying desperately to avoid the monstrous killer that awaits her in her dreams! (yikes!) Yet she somehow manages to land Johnny Depp which is clearly where the "hot" part of hot-mess comes into play.  Regardless, I felt like giving Nancy a bit of a makeover while staying true to the original character and given how relevant 1980s fashion is these days it wasn't difficult to do! I hope you enjoy...
hoodie & bag: xxi | jeans: genetic denim | top: theory
necklace: me&ro | shoes: vintage nike (re-issue) 

jeggings & sweater: topshop | bag: american apparel
ring & earrings: overstock | hair pin: xxi | shoes: vintage reeboks

jeans & bag: topshop | cardigan & barrets: xxi | shoes: keds 
white button-up: elizabeth&james | forget-me-knot ring:anavessi



elena-lu said...

ooh what fun post!! have a safe halloween!!!

Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

Love that first outfit. Cute post! Happy Halloween!

Ariella said...

that's cute. I've never seen that film, but now I am intrigued.

Kristin said...

woah, super cool. i love the red reebok's!

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