Monday, December 7, 2009

a little winter pick-me-up

I was absolutely freezing this morning and was sad to have to leave my warm & cozy bed not to mention the little pups and the English boy who were sound asleep in it.  It's supremely wet and chilly in LA (for once) and I now realize I've become a total baby about the cold since I moved to Southern California...shame on me. Everything is relative, right?

Anyway, I figure we could all use a little something to warm up our Monday so I dug up this cozy "Prints" ED from Italian Vogue which I've always enjoyed...

Vogue Italia
Date: July 2003
Photographer: Steven Meisel
Models: Daria Werbowy, Elise Crombez, Julia Stegner

So throw on some bright colors and/or crazy prints and have a wonderful day!

PS: I may or may not have hit H&M yesterday and bought some really lovely things from the sonia rykiel line. shhhhhh... : )


Q's Daydream said...

pretty!...I can't wait to see you H&M finds :o)

Grace said...

I love that Dylan video.

And great images.

Love Grace.

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