Thursday, May 13, 2010

we can work it out...

Like many of you out there, what I wear to work differs slightly from what I wear in my off time. Obviously, off time lends itself to more creative outfit choices but I try to mix it up even on work days. However... this usually works best when I think it's a good idea to try something new 5 minutes after I was supposed to be in the car on my way to work! Creative none the less.

Here is a little something I wore to work this week. Incorporating pants for once! Unfortunately, it was too dark outside by the time I took these - hence, indoor photos :(
By the way the cat mask just happened to be on the wall so I threw it on for a laugh ;) I would deem it "not safe for work".
outfit details:
blouse: h&m
pants: uo
shoes: seychelles

PS: just a little hello to my new followers! welcome!


Sahakiel said...

I think this was a gorgeous election; that blouse is fabulous (I wanted it but I didn't buy it at the end, snif) and with pants it takes a different style, more informal but romantic... great!!

Btw, thanks for entering in my giveaway... Tomorrow I'll announce the winner, good luck dear!!

Anonymous said...

Cute outfit! I like the blouse a lot...and the kitty mask!

Faux Naif said...

you must have a cool job if you can dress that creatively - while it may count as 'workwear' for you, it's loads more fun and interesting than anything my working friends wear! that's a beautiful blouse.

Margaret said...

stunning!! i love the blouse
loving the blog
great posts
stop by some time ! xx

Clara said...

love your shirt!

Mariel Torres said...

i am absolutely loving the whole outfit... specially the pants :)

Danielle said...

Just stumbled upon your blog. So cute. Love love love love this outfit!

Mariel Torres said...

i am absolutely loving the whole outfit... specially the pants :)

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