Wednesday, May 12, 2010

BritWeek 2010 Designer of the Year & Fashion Show (part 2)

I have just one more post on the Genlux Britweek event that I attended over the weekend! Please bare with me. I basically just want to share a few of my favorite pieces (the ones I managed to capture on my camera, that is) from both of the runway shows and then we will resume our regularly scheduled posts. I promise!

I wasn't completely camera ready when the Alexander McQueen mini-show started but these were a couple of my favorites...
The pink cotton candy hair was pretty genius, I must say. It wasn't a huge showing but apparently some of the pieces had never been shown on a runway before so it was a nice McQueen treat. Bittersweet, of course.

And moving on to Mr. Matthew Williamson (who was there to receive his award by the by. see...)
 ( not my photo :) from Getty images)
Matthew showed his SS2010 collection which, as I alluded in my last post, really impressed me this time around. Here are some shots I took - please note it's my first time shooting a fashion show of any kind - it was a bit nerve-wracking trying to snap photos fast enough! I like my tripod and self-timer better I think! Anyhow...
I have to say, these were even more incredible in real life. I had a great time but seeing this in person really makes me want to go to more fashion shows.  In the meantime, I'm still very thankful for!


Miss Violet Bell said...

These are incredible!! Stunning! Thanks for sharing :)
Miss Violet Bell

Kryptonite said...

Hi :)
Your photos look great.
Well done!
Best ~*~

Jennifer Romero said...

Oh my! I love Lykke Li!
My blog entance is followed by a couple of songs from her, including "Little Bit" :)

I'm now following..
Follow? ;)

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