Friday, July 16, 2010

the reality of blogging

I've come across a few posts and articles lately about the outfits that style bloggers post and whether or not they are a fair representation of how we dress everyday. Only putting up photos of you in your best outfits and not what you wear when you are unmotivated or running late and have less that 5 minutes to get out the door, for example.

While I don't post every outfit every day (because seriously, who has that kind of time?!) I think what I do post is a pretty good sampling of my everyday wardrobe. (I think people like Erin at calivintage do a much better job with this btw) Occasionally, I'd say a couple times a month, I wake up with no motivation and/or no time so I reach for the closest, easiest sartorial solution.  In all honesty,  I haven't posted many of those outfits but it's not that I'm trying to hide them. Usually, if I'm running late at the start of the day I end up exhausted by the end of it and in no shape to pull out the camera and tripod to document it. Since I pride  myself on being an honest blogger, I thought I'd post what I wore yesterday when I missed my alarm and woke up when I should have been in the car already...

If I'm in jeans, chances are I am having one of those days or have been in the garden digging things up (OR I've been horseback riding -see post from last week!).

outfit details
jeans - bdg
tank - xxi (forever ago)
pin, beret & woven oxfords - vintage

PS: jenny lewis has a new project with her bf jonathan (aka: "johnny") rice - yay! This song is perfect for an LA summer...


Carys said...

I don't think fashion blogs are an unrealistic representation of our true style, I pretty much dress the same way everyday, I just feel more motivation to post if I'm in a nicer outfit, so the majority of posts will be from my better days, as I'm sure is true for everyone. I think you actually look really nice in your jeans when you'd missed your alarm, I love your beret and shoes!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Passport Smiles said...

These jeans look so cute on you, I would never assume you were having "one of those days." I LOVE the shoes and the beret as well.

Sometimes the best outfits are the ones you don't have time to think about and just throw stuff on that magically blends together.

Plus, who cares? Fashion blogs allow people to express themselves, whereas they might have no event or opportunity to do so otherwise.

Lastly, I'm in love with Jenny Lewis and believe every girl should be.

Miss Violet Bell said...

You still look gorgeous though! I really like your jeans and the combination of your top and cardigan. Also, I love your shoes and the beret tops it off :)

Happy weekend!

reckless daughter said...

Carys & Sarah: touché! I totally agree.

All of You: thanks for the sweet words!

Meggstatus said...

I think it totally depends on the blog. I mean there are some blogs out there that only post professional photographs and you can tell they are just modeling test shots or something along those lines, but you can always tell the difference between that kind of a style blog and a day to day style blog. I think a lot of people assume fashion bloggers don't go out in the looks they post because most of the time fashion bloggers take much bigger risks than everyday people. I attribute this to the blogging community. Everyone is so encouraging I think a lot of people who at one time were jeans and t-shirt people have gained the courage to think outside of the box and actually go in public with risk taking outfits. Getting dressed in the morning really isn't that hard. I mean the longest it ever takes me to pick out an outfit is 10 minutes. And it's something I enjoy doing so I make time in the morning to do so. But in all honestly some of people's favorite looks I post are the ones where I'm having an off day and throw on jeans and a t-shirt!! Your outfit is a perfect example you look comfy and chic!

Anyways, enough with the rambling, I'm glad you brought this up I can't wait to see what everyone else has to say!


HOOKED said...

i love your shoes.

peace x

ponyhunter said...

i love the beret. i dont post daily outfits but that's usually because by the time i drag myself out of bed it's too late to put much thought into an outfit so i just rewear something i've worn before haha, i'm lazy.

Kristen said...

the shoes...amazing. great blog - so excited to find it!


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