Saturday, September 4, 2010

Eek! My belated Blogiversary! DJRD is 2!

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This just goes to prove how crazy my life has been in recent weeks! While I was waxing on about my August 30th post being my 400th I managed to completely forget that August 18th was my blog's 2 year Blogiversary. Sheesh!

Despite the month of August being a whirlwind of random, sort of life-altering, events (and, therefor,  sporadic posts) I feel pretty happy with where Don Juan's Reckless Daughter is at this point. Thank you all for making it what it is with your comments, incredible insights and support.

As my blogiversary gift I will continue my tradition of asking you to comment on my blog and/or tweet, post, link, facebook, tumble (what have you) about this blog so that others can find me in my dusty attic corner of the internets.

Thanks again, everyone!  
There is much more to come! Year 3 will be great!


Pretty Little Pictures said...

Happy blogaversary!! Here's to many more ;)

Blau von T said...

CONGRATULATIONS x keep up the great work x

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