Sunday, September 26, 2010

the fringe benifits

Under the influence of this editorial:
and this film (which, incidentally, I saw for the first time at the BFI whilst in London last week)

I went to the lovely miss Chevonne (otherwise know as my hair guru) at Goodform Salon and cut bangs again (after 3 years of growing them out I should add)! I know, some will say, this is not the most original thing for a blogger to do to her... err... "do" but to those, I say, I needed a change and to quote regina spektor "and it always grows back, hair grows even after you're dead..."
(promise to take proper photo soon. this iPhone one will have to suffice for now!)

I think it was a smart move; the only downside thus far being that I picked the hottest weekend all year to do it so they ("the fringe") have basically been stuck to my forehead for 2 days... but fall is coming, and the fringe and I shall be waiting!

I hope your week(s) get off to a great start!


Melissa said...

Oh! The weather will cool and the bangs will too in no time at all.

They look great :]

anahit said...

looks lovely :) xx

Rianna said...

I've wanted bangs forever, but the few times I've tried its ended in tears as I have really curly hair and I'm lazy about ever straightning it. Yours look great!

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