Tuesday, October 5, 2010

just like zeus

The weather gods have been toying with the good people of Southern California and if you follow my twitter you’re probably up to speed on what’s been happening -- first hot hot hot, then a lovely weekend with temperatures in the mid 70 and amazing fall breezes and now it's typical English drizzle (which, incidentally, I love).  All of this in less than a week! It’s enough to make a girl catch the flu. But so far so good*.

 But let’s not drag on about the weather! instead we’ll move on to the outfit post at hand...

This is what I wore on Saturday while I ran various errands, spent too much money at Urban Outfitters (oops), went ogled at puppies at an adoption fair and cleaned house. The cropped horse print top was miraculously one of only a few things I bought while in England. It wasn't for lack of trying, but when you have money to burn sometimes that's the way it goes.

outfit details
top: a london purchase
lace shorts: h&m
bracelet: vintage
boots: vivienne westwood

*my power went our about 5 times while trying post this due to those darn weather gods! I nearly gave up.

musical notes:



Rianna said...

Love this post. A huge shoutout for weather that can never decide how to behave - all the way from Brisbane, Australia. You have such a beautiful blog. Best! xo

Kim said...

Your blog is entirely cute! And that's such a cute garden (?) with the lights and all.


Gorgeous Clara said...

nice top and shorts

Grace said...

I will not be satisfied until I get my hands on those boots!

And for real Calif! Enough with your fickle weather.

Love Grace.

Zuz said...

you have really nice top :D

hannah said...

love love that printed top! reminds me of the miu miu cats!

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