Thursday, November 11, 2010

all my little words

I have to point out, I’m really excited that I’ve finally been able to start wearing my coats and scarves (at night at least) during the past week. Fingers crossed we are no longer dealing with sweltering temperatures here in LA LA Land and autumn is officially here. I do hate that I go on about the weather so much these days but I was thinking about it and, as style bloggers, isn’t the weather a huge part of it all? Think about it... it changes what we wear, when we wear it, how we wear it, etc. I guess I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. Anyway, bottom line, I’m loving the change in weather and the wardrobe changes it has brought along with it.

Now, as promised, here is one of the dresses I picked at the Loved One’s sale last week – if it looks familiar, it’s the one I was holding in the dressing room shot last post. However, I wanted to show it off here so I didn’t cover it up with the cool weather items I was waxing on about in the above rant. But I feel many remixes coming on with this amazing frock so you’re likely to see it again soon. PS: Yes, it’s another red dress, don't judge... “I have an addiction, sir”.

outfit details:
dress: vintage from the Loved One
tights: cynthia rowley

Now I'm off to get my hair done (finally)! Enjoy your day!

musical notes: magnetic fields - all my little words


Beth Jean said...

Oh! Fabulous, you cute little polka dotted girl!

kate maggie said...

These photographs are stunning, you look so good in polka dots! I love this color on you too. Hope you have a great week. xo

Adventures in Fashion said...

Cute dress! I love red on you... beautiful!



Ashley Ording said...

A darling dress! You can never have too many, I say. ;)

Beth Jean said...

Oh! Fabulous, you cute little polka dotted girl!

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