Friday, November 5, 2010

what's your sign?

Though I wouldn't live my life according to my Star-sign's predictions, I do love reading my horoscope on occasion or reading anything pertaining to being (as I am) a "Gemini".  I also love learning what signs other people (friends & acquaintances) are since, a lot of times, I see some similarities between people of the same zodiac - Some would call me silly for saying so (like my dear father, for example ;)

Anyhow, when I spotted something about Siri being in a UK editorial based on the Zodiac I had to take a look. I have to admit I am little confused about a couple of these (why is pieces (the fish) in a garbage can?) but I loved the idea none the less...



Star Signs
British Vogue  Dec 2010
model Siri Tollerod
shot by Tim Gutt 
stylist Kate Phelan

Have a wonderful weekend! off to Hannah's sale tonight! see you there??


Ellen said...

Stunning. (also Gemini ;)

Ellen at The Raven and the Cellar Door

Grace said...

I don't put too much weight into astrology, but I still LOVE reading about it! :)

Love Grace.

Little Miss Curious said...

Lovely photos! I am Sagittarius, and I love the one! ♥


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Oh nice! I'm a Cancer. I love reading the horoscope every now and then too

Tera said...

I'm a Taurus but I have been so looking for one of those vintage fishermen's sweaters! That EXACT one....{manifest, manifest :>}

Nina said...

That is really cool editorial!

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