Wednesday, March 23, 2011

dawn of a new era?

“The Brit” recently got an iPad and, admittedly, it is pretty nifty but I also feel like there might be better use for that sort of money... a plane ticket, a handbag, several pairs of shoes, for instance. None the less...this week, aside from getting myself addicted to the Monet jigsaw puzzle app (be warned: It is unrelentingly addicting), I’ve been exploring the digital "print media" and fashion publication side of what this expensive toy has to offer, in all it’s touchable glory. The whole thing really got me thinking about the future of fashion magazines. My verdict is that iPad and the like (especially as the prices come down and they are more readily available) could very well be the saving grace of the “magazine” as we know it. Anyone who gets W magazine can tell you its about half the size it used to be. Never a good sign. Not that I don’t love the feeling of holding a real life glossy-paper magazine in my little hands and flipping through real pages, but the iPad IS a bit like holding a book and the fact that you have to touch the screen and sometimes even "flip" virtual pages does make it more intimate than, say, reading an article or looking at photos on your laptop...just saying. But don't worry, I have not cancelled any of my subscriptions in favor of brighter digital ones. yet.

I am also still contemplating subscribing to Vogue Italia and editorials like this aren’t helping me resist wanting the real thing...

Magazine: Vogue Italia (Close-Up) March 2011
Models: Bo Don & Kristy Kaurova
Photographer: David Dunan
Stylist: Sara Maino
via fakingfashion

Victorian meets the 1980s! I love it. (though the models are a tad too thin, I have to say.) Now... where did I put that hair crimper...


Claire said...

Step away from the hair crimper! Seriously though, the photos are gorgeous. I don't subscribe to any magazines, but I do buy vogue from time to time.

I love that striped dress and the hair in the second picture.

Happy Spring!

Carly Anne said...

That is a fabulous set of photos. European versions of Vogue are always a worthy investment. Do it!


All This Grace and Charm

alexandra grecco said...

ah! those photos are crazy.


Laura said...

these are beautiful photos! i agree with you the models are a bit too thin.


Kristin said...

when i first looked at this, i thought the models were mannequins (super creepy and distracting!) and had to go back to take a second look at what they were wearing. love the dresses in the last photo especially!

Laura said...

these are beautiful photos! i agree with you the models are a bit too thin.


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