Saturday, March 26, 2011

manteau rouge

I thought I would do an outfit post today since I missed yesterday's post (due to various factors). This morning I dug this red coat out of the depths of my closet - it was actually cool enough for an extra layer today! my complaining last week seems to have paid off.
 outfit details:
dress & shoes: UO
sweater: vintage
tights: cynthia rowley

My appologies on keeping this post short and sweet but I'm on my way to "the Brit's" EP release for his full-time band.  AND I found a "new" vintage dress just for the occasion which I will hopefully post here soon. Happy Saturday xxdjrd


Claire said...

That red is stunning on you. It must be exciting that your boyfriend has made a CD! You must be very proud.

silviasiantar said...

babe this is super nice.

love your blog too.


Gabriela said...

i love that coat! reminds me of this one i fell in love with but will surely never own !

reckless daughter said...

@claire he's done many albums and yes! I am very proud of him ;) he inspires me to do more with my time!

@Gabriela wow that coat is beautiful!

MAUD said...

the shape of that coat is just lovely, and you really do look very chic and french. it's getting steadily warmer in edinburgh - more jackets, less coats!

Gabriela said...

re: about the coat!
i saw it on this flickr:
no clue where it might come from, but at least i got the satisfaction of discovering ailera stone's gorgeous photos!

BO said...

all of so good...but...the second to last pic...oh my...breathtaking Meg!

SoapyMermaid said...

ce manteau rouge te va a ravir... :)

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